Worka, a smarter working world.

We are redefining the way the world works with a game-changing marketplace and services to unlock the potential of a smarter working world.

With 30% of office space expected to be flexible by 2030, Worka is solving a $1tn problem [1].

A smarter working world for employees where they can match work purpose with workspace; access an ecosystem of work from home, near home, hubs, HQ; book the spaces they need at the tap of a button; best-in-class user experience; know where your colleagues are...

A smarter working world for businesses

...greater agility from workspace, easier and more transparent buying of office space; access to curated, compliant, dedicated or shared flex spaces around the world; more sustainable; greater control; better employee engagement; more transparent data and insights to enable smart decisions (learning platform); provided by a single global partner…

A smarter working world for flex operators

...instantly connected to global client demand; tapping into a world-leading service menu and supply chain to open new centres at speed and operate them profitably and sustainably…

A smarter working world for landlords

...productise vacant space into revenue-generating, profitable, sustainable flex products; accessing flex market demand on the marketplace…

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Created by a team that have been market leaders in workspace for more than 20 years with a proven track record of delivering market-defining marketplace and services

Designed with contributions from a global client-base which includes businesses

Gsk companyJaguar companyBusiness Training companyPrudential companyM&G companyErnst & Young companyJP Morgan companyWework companyIndustrious companyRegus companyTog companyIngka companyCitiBase companyDiageo companySales Force companyPWC companyWorkspace companyBlack Stone companySantander companyDeloitte companySerco companyTransport for London companyOffice space in town companyBarclays company